Hurricane SANDY From GOES-13 Satellite Oct 28, 2012
Photo Credit: NOAA/NASA
Last year Hurricane SANDY headed northward from the Caribbean, striking eastern Cuba on October 25 with 115 mph winds. SANDY weakened to tropical storm strength over the Bahama Islands due to strong upper level wind shear. This caused the storm to turn towards the northeast between the Carolina coast and Bermuda where it regained hurricane strength over the warm western Atlantic waters. A frontal trough over the Great Lakes caused SANDY to turn towards the northwest into the mid-Atlantic coast where it became the second-costliest hurricane in U.S. history. The storm surge caused massive destruction mainly along the Jersey coast and severe flooding to lower Manhattan and adjacent areas.

The 2013 hurricane season is predicted to produce a greater number of storms than an average season because of warmer than average Atlantic waters, a continuation of a strong western Africa atmospheric monsoon that has existed since 1995, and the absence of an eastern Pacific EL Nino to generate an upper level wind shear to shear upper parts of Atlantic tropical storms.

The predicted number of storms is only a quantity of the season’s storms, not a determination of where the storms will strike. The National Hurricane Center’s tracking of the storms when they form is all that can be stated at this time.
Fortunately, hurricanes can be predicted days in advance. Tornadoes and severe thunderstorms are short-fused weather phenomena. That’s the reason for the problems with tornadoes that the residents of the tornado ravaged parts of Oklahoma had.


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