2013-01-30_183827             Dip in polar jet stream resetting spring-like temps to January.
On January 30 Jacksonville’s  temperature reached 85 degrees, breaking the previous record of 83 set in 1991. After reaching the warmest temperature since October 18, cold air will replace the record warmth overnight.
Cold upper level winds have destabilized the atmosphere from the northern Gulf coast to the Ohio valley and the mid-Atlantic states causing tornadoes in northwest Georgia at Adairsville in Bartow county, Mountaintown and Dallas in Gilmer and Paulding counties and a few other places. Strong thunderstorms and gusty winds downed tree branches, power lines and some large trees from the Florida panhandle to Pennsylvania overnight. By the sunrise January 31, cold air erased the threat of severe weather.
Fortunately for us, this is not an El Nino year. The El Nino year 1998 brought Florida’s deadliest tornadoes occurred 15 years ago on February 22-23. There were seven tornadoes in central Florida that killed 42 people and injured 260. Tornadoes can occur any month of the year in Florida. Our most severe thunderstorms have occurred more frequently during the late winter and spring months preceding occasional cold air invasions. During these months and in the hurricane season, battery-operated weather alert radios are a necessity. Disruptive weather can sometimes catch us by surprise!


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