Two Gulf storms and two Atlantic storms struck the U.S. coast this year. The aftermath of the historic Superstorm SANDY was still being felt in parts of New York and New Jersey two weeks later!

During most years, a series of cold snaps bring an end to the hurricane season by mid-November as far as the U.S. shorelines are concerned. Only the deep tropical waters of the Caribbean and Atlantic still have chances of another storm this late in the year.

But during one of our warmest Novembers on record, a hurricane struck the Florida Gulf coast as late as November 22. In the busy year of 1985, Hurricane KATE followed BOB, DANNY, ELENA, GLORIA, and JUAN as the sixth hurricane of the season to hit the U.S. coast. After traveling westward from the Bahamas through the Florida Straits, it turned towards west Florida and hit Tallahassee. It was the latest hurricane to hit the U.S. It was previously thought that the latest was the 1925 storm that struck Ft. Myers on December 1, but reanalysis in 2011 lowered its peak winds below hurricane strength, making the 1985 Thanksgiving weekend KATE the latest on record.



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