Slow moving Tropical Depression Buryl can cause serious flooding.

Former Tropical Storm Buryl, now a Depression, spent most of Monday soaking parts of North Florida. Rainfall totals of 2 to 5 inches have already occurred in many places, but the heaviest has been along the Northeast Gulf coast in Dixie, Levy and Lafayette counties where up to 8 inches has fallen. The circulation of Buryl is spreading the Gulf rains inland into southern Suwannee county, and they may spread overnight into Columbia and western Baker county.

Anyone living in that area during Hurricane Dora in 1964 will remember the same type of rain fell for three days when Dora continued westward to Dothan, AL and then backtracked eastward across southern Georgia. Live Oak was deluged with 17 inches of rain, while Mayo was submerged with 23 inches from that same type of Gulf rain carried northeastward by Depression Dora’s wind circulation. It’s important to remember that more lives are lost from tropical systems by water, than by high winds.

Since Sunday night, the heaviest rainfall reported in the Jacksonvile area was more than three and a half inches in Arlington and Beauclerc. Doppler radar indicates up to 5 inches has fallen in places from Putnam county across St. John’s county into eastern Duval county onto Hodges Blvd west of the Intracoastal Waterway. Most other reporting places in Jacksonville received two to two and a half inches of rain. In southeast Georgia amounts up to 5 inches extended from Camden county to Nahunta farther northwest. At least two inches more rain can be expected tonight as those rain bands continue to sweep northeast and northward.



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