Only a concern for the Carolina coast.

Tropical Storm ALBERTO formed in the Atlantic 140 miles east southeast of Charleston, SC at 5 PM Saturday. The storm may drift towards the southwest around 3 mph through Sunday, then turn to the north and northeast on Monday. Peak winds are only 45 to 50 mph.

An Atlantic tropical storm outside the hurricane season is not unheard of. It is also not necessarily an indication of more storms during that season. Over the past 20 years, there have been 5 storms that have formed before June 1, the official beginning of the hurricane season. Three of those formed in May, and two others in April.

On April 18, 2003, ANA formed in the eastern Atlantic near the Canary Islands. It traveled westward to the vicinity of Bermuda where it finally dissipated at sea on April 27 well off the east coast. The other April storm formed on April 21, 1992. It was not named, even though it briefly grew into a tropcal storm.

Two of the May storms formed on May 31, just before the season began. ARTHUR formed in the Caribbean just east of the Yucatan peninsula in 2008, and the other an unnamed subtropical storm in 1997 that formed near the Bahamas. In 2007, Tropical Storm ANDREA began on May 6 as a subtropical storm in the open Atlantic, briefly became a tropical storm off central Florida’s coast, then remained at sea as a tropical depression for only three days well off the southeast U.S. coast

This year’s Tropical Storm ALBERTO will be no threat to the southeast Georgia or northeast Florida coast at this time, but I will continue watching it until it begins to move farther away sometime Monday.



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