Freeze Warnings are posted for parts of North Florida, while hurricane-force winds have subsided in Alaska.

The cold front that moved across our area yesterday and last night is now chasing tropical storm SEAN northeastward away from Bermuda. Clear, crisp autumn weather will dominate our area through the weekend.

Meanwhile, this week the west coast of Alaska has been struck by the worst blizzard in nearly 4 decades. This blast of Siberian cold has been especially brutal because it arrived while the north Bering Sea is still unfrozen. You may remember how ice was forming a month earlier than this on the north coast of Alaska in October 1988 when three California gray whales were being surrounded by ice that was forming around them.

It appears that the warming cycle in recent years over the Arctic has contributed to the longer duration of unfrozen waters. People frequently ask me what is happening to our weather. The freak snowstorm in the northeast U.S. in October has raised many questions.

In 1952-3, I became well acquainted with Alaskan blizzards when I spent a year in the Aleutian Islands at Shemya AFB. I took many pictures while at that island, called “The Black Pearl of the Pacific”. You may see them by Googling “George Winterling Shemya” or by opening the following:



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