We're watching the effect of systems to the north on LEE and NATIA.

As the northern Gulf coast goes through Day 2 of tropical storm LEE’s presence, it appears that the cold front in the Great Lakes and the associated upper trough has not yet (as of 11 AM EDT) produced enough influence to create a significant north or northeastward movement. (UPDATE 1:45 PM EDT: I see the visible satellite shows the center of the cloud system on a definite move northward), (#2 UPDATE 2:00 PM NHC has just issued an Intermediate Advisory stating that Tropical Storm LEE is now moving north northeast at 8mph). By Tuesday, the tail end of the cold front stretching southward from the England coast should connect with LEE, which may have been reduced to a depression by then. Cooler and drier air should cause a reduction in the storm’s precipitation.

All of the changes and uncertainties that sometimes occur with the weather make for much discussion, and at times debate. The advances in technology and communication are mind-boggling to me. Having become an octogenarian as of September 1, I’ve found it becoming harder to escape the maelstrom of uncertainties that exist now in this 21st century “world of weather”. At least I have family and friends to find peace and serenity, in spite of the unceasing vagaries of the weather!



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