The Gulf states face a severe flood threat. The east coast will watch the surf.

A narrow, but stubborn, ridge of high pressure aloft that stretches from North Carolina to Oklahoma has stalled tropical storm LEE’s progress to a creep, keeping it from passing out of Louisiana and Mississippi this weekend. Consequently, tropical rains will be dumped on these Gulf states through the Labor Day weekend. By midweek the system should begin moving into the Ohio River Valley, while swollen streams and rivers in the deep south drain back into the Gulf. Remember the water cycle from your school days?

Meanwhile, computer forecasts show that hurricane KATIA will make the turn around the western edge of the Bermuda high. We must continue to watch this storm after Labor Day when it may be only a few hundred miles off parts of the U.S. coast. Computer graphics are neat and can illustrate predicted weather, but we must remember they are only “virtual” reality. The real weather is what the Hurricane Hunters fly into, the satellites continually monitor, and atmospheric scientists continue to study long after the storm has passed. WJXT’s storm team, along with, continues to inform you of the latest developments.

Our hearts go out to those who are still battling the floods from IRENE, and those along the Gulf coast who will not have a beautiful weekend. Let’s say a special prayer for them as we enjoy our Labor Day cookout.



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