The eye of IRENE was about 240 miles east of Fernandina at 11 AM Friday, August 26.

Not much rainfall for our area. Most places received less than 1/2 inch. The largest amount reported was 1.60 inches at St. Augustine airport. The worst part of the storm will be hitting the Carolina coast Friday night. Heavy surf and rough waters along our coast will subside late today and tonight. But beachgoers are advised caution when wading in the ocean. Shifting sands from the storm produce sloughs, or uneven bottoms, along our beaches. Someone wading in waist-deep water may suddenly take a step into water over their head. If caught in a rip current, or runout, remember to escape its pull by moving parallel to the beach and not directly against it toward shore.

We may see colorful clouds this evening as the setting sun illuminates hurricane IRENE’s towering clouds offshore. We’re in for a beautiful, but hot and sultry, weekend!



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