African dust has cleared clouds from much of Atlantic after tropical storm GERT!

There have been 7 tropical storms in the past 7 weeks, and it appears this week, the eighth, may see the 8th storm forming in the western Caribbean. High pressures and dry air have kept the storms away from the U.S. so far.

There may be a temporary intermission for much of the Atlantic due to dust layers in the atmosphere off the north African coast and over the Bahamas. Dust over the tropical oceans tends to restrict storm growth; however, a strong storm outside its influence may flush the dust from the lower and middle atlmosphere.

Computer models indicate such a storm may form off the African coast and cross the Atlantic to the Caribbean islands by the end of next week.

We’ll all be watching this scenario very losely!


  1. 1 persuasionpdp (@persuasionpdp) August 23, 2011 at 5:23 am

    the quiet before the storm i hat to say and considering i live 45 min from jax everybody be careful be safe…please

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