Close calls! But only tropical storm force winds around Jacksonville

Four hurricanes struck Florida in 2004, but they all missed our corner of the state. On August 13, hurricane Charley slammed into the Florida coast with 145 mph winds at Punta Gorda. It weaked to a minimal category 1 storm as it passed over Daytona Beach and moved into the Atlantic well east of our area.

Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne joined the parade of hurricanes that struck Orlando during this tumultuous year. Had they been 150 miles farther north, they would have been northeast Florida’s worst hurricanes ever, even more destructive than hurricane Dora in 1964! Tropical storm force winds from these two storms played havoc with our corner of the state. If we felt this to be disruptive, just imagine what a real hurricane would do! While large trees reduce the force of a hurricane’s winds on our homes, dense branches should be thinned to allow high winds to filter through them, and not push them over onto our cars and homes.

The fourth hurricane to strike the state was Ivan. It took out part of an Interstate 10 bridge near Pensacola as it crossed the panhandle well west of our area.



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