Hurricane IGOR was the strongest storm of the 2010 hurricane season with winds peaking at 155 mph in the middle Atlantic on September 17. Two days later the storm weakened to minimal hurricane strength as it struck Bermuda. But the name IGOR is being retired (from the 2016 list) because of its being the most damaging hurricane in 75 years to strike land near Cape Race, Newfoundland. The name replacing IGOR six years from now will be IAN.

Hurricane TOMAS had the distinction of being the latest (October 30) hurricane in history to strike the Windward islands.

The wind speeds of Hurricane TOMAS defied computer forecasts in the Caribbean, but were closer to predictions in the open Atlantic.

Forecasting the wind speeds of hurricanes can be very elusive. Wind shear is often the culprit as it displaces much of the storm’s upper level fury away from the spinning surface winds. The track of TOMAS was predicted accurately. The hurricane was forecast 5 days in advance to strike Haiti which was still reeling from the 7.0 magnitude earthquake of January 12. While heavy rains and mudslides frequently occur with tropical storms and hurricanes over the mountainous terrain of Haiti and the Dominican Republic, the name TOMAS in the 2016 list of storms is being replaced with TOBIAS because of its being the latest destructive hurricane to hit the Windward Islands.

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