It hasn't formed yet, but there's a clear path in place from the Caribbean across Florida and up the east coast.

Football fans travel this time of year to ball games. People travel some distances to view the colors of fall leaves. We may set security alarms when we hit the road, but there’s one intruder we can’t keep away. It’s the hurricane.

As we enter October, we have at least one more month of the hurricane season when a handful of storms may be around. Several storms have kept their distance; others have fizzled after drenching parts of Mexico and central America.

Some computer models, plus this phase of the hurricane season, still indicate a high potential for a tropical storm or hurricane in the central or western Caribbean by the end of this week. On the western perimeter of the Bermuda high in the Atlantic, there’s a frontal system that is situated where high pressures a month ago were blocking the Atlantic storms. If the Caribbean system becomes the next tropical storm, it will be named Nicole. The position of the front, plus the upper level trough of low pressure over the Mississippi River valley will allow Nicole to make a visit to our area over the weekend.

The exact track is uncertain at this time, and cannot be determined until a storm center of rotation forms and computer models then project the storm’s position at various future times. Stay tuned!


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