Low level inflow and upper level outflow favor strengthening for Tropical Storm Hermine.

For the third time this season, south Texas is faced with the threat of heavy rains from a tropical system. First it was Alec, then it was TD #2, and now tropical storm Hermine. A tropical storm warning is in effect for south Texas northward to Port O’Connor, and a hurricane watch is in effect to Baffin Bay. At 8 PM EDT Monday, September 6, Hermine was centered 80 miles south southeast of Brownsville, TX. It is moving north northwest around 14 mph with 65 mph winds.

Meanwhile, farther east in the Atlantic, the remnants of tropical storm Gaston are moving westward towards the some of the Leeward Islands. The National Hurricane Center gives it a 50% chance of returning to tropical storm status during the next 48 hours. Upper level winds are not as favorable for intensification as the system enters the Caribbean Sea. Presently the Caribbean is storm-free because of a large upper level low which produces sinking (drying) air in the vicinity of a tropical wave moving westward over Hispaniola.



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