You can view updates of the spill on JustWeather.com such as the one above.

The oil will not go away! With a very active hurricane season on tap, questions have been raised as to what would one do to the oil. This has never happened before, so there are many unknowns. A few people have asked if the the hurricane will lift the oil and mix it with the rain. This cannot happen! Torrential rains in the atmosphere cleanse the air near the ground/ocean.

A storm in the eastern Gulf should move the spill away from the coast.

The track the storm takes could be good news for Florida and the Gulf coast. The direction of the storm’s winds should drive the spill farther to the south.

There are no storms in the Gulf of Mexico, or anywhere else over the tropical Atlantic, at this time. In most years, tropical storms increase during the month of August, reaching a peak around the middle of September. The season ends on November 30.

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