Cold fronts on Monday, December 28

When Christmas Day showers and the associated cold front moved into the Atlantic, skies didn’t clear on the weekend when high pressure moved in. Our weekend remained cloudy and cold under a layer of high clouds.
The overcast lookled like snow clouds, but in northeast Florida snowfall is rare. It has occurred in the past about once a decade between December and mid-March.
When it does happen, it’s usually only is in the form of flurries that stick only cars and grasslands. Our heaviest official snowfall in Jacksonville was 1.9 inches on February 13, 1899. A similar event occurred in 1958 when an inch and a half fell on February 13.
The White Christmas event in 1989 started as a cold rain on December 23 that began sleet and freezing rain by mid-afternoon. As the afternoon temperature fell into the middle 20’s, the precipitation turned to snow that was officially measured at 1/2 inch by the morning of December 24. Amounts in southeast Georgia ranged up to 4 inches from Folkston to the Brunswick area.
Monday’s clearing skies and Tuesday morning’s freezing temperatures will be followed by another front that will bring showers on New Year’s Eve, Thursday.



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